About US

About US


Our Awesome Story

Omen Stone has been formed by a group of experienced professionals who specialize in all areas of natural and engineered stone.
Our offices and stone galleries in different parts of the world provide our customers with the perfect environment in which to browse our collection of over 30 different stones.
Our friendly and knowledgeable team in Omen stone is always on hand to offer help and advice in selecting the right stone for your project in different languages.
Our goal is to create value for our customers by combining the highest quality products with unquestionable service. We are committed to implementing practices that benefit our stakeholders both economically and socially.

Omen Stone has become one of the pioneer companies in the natural stone sector with its precious quarries since 2010. The productivity and capacity of
onyx, marble, travertine and granite quarries are increasing year by year. Besides this, Omen Stone is keep investing in new quarries. Omen Stone’s full capacity working quarries are producing tons and tons of different stones day by day.

What we do

  • Mine
  • Process
  • Export
Omen stone factory
The highest-quality Machinery stated at omen stone factory

Our Skills

Our story begins with mining the most high-quality stones from our very own quarries in the middle east and other countries. Then we process, export, and carry in stock these fine natural stones. Our goal is to deliver the most gorgeous and classy stones you can find anywhere!

At Omen stone, WE MINE, PROCESS, EXPORT & CARRY IN STOCK the finest natural stone Such as Onyx, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone.


High-quality Quarries


Professional staff


Up-to-date Equipment


Our Fantastic Team

The firm’s success is dependent on having high-quality professionals in every position. Our professional staff members in Omen stone trading are vital contributors to the delivery of outstanding legal services. We have the blessing of having talented and driven individuals who are committed to producing exceptional work and providing critical support to the firm and our attorneys. Our environment offers collaboration, collegiality, intellectual curiosity, a commitment to diversity, teamwork, and an opportunity to grow professionally. We encourage enthusiasm, take pride in our work, and reap the benefits of working with a great group of colleagues.

Omen stone’s professional staff plays an integral role in helping the firm provide high-quality service to clients, demonstrating teamwork and the highest ethical standards.

Our staff can help you choose and order your preferred stone in different languages such as English, German, Russian, French and Arabic.